Bugera 1960-INFINIUM

Bugera 1960-INFINIUM

·       Hand-built all-tube amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 tubes with a monstrous output transformer (now fully compatible with 6L6 and 5881, etc.)

·       Two preamp channels with 4 input jacks perform in separate, parallel or cascaded operation, bridging the tonal eras of the %&&&%60s, %&&&%70s and %&&&%80s

·       Vintage hot-rodded preamp mod from the early %&&&%80s featuring 3 x ECC83 tubes for terrifying tone and classic hi-gain

·       Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology: – Extends the life of your amplifier’s expensive power tubes up to 20 times – Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone over the complete lifespan of your tubes – No need for expensive matched tube sets – Allows you to mix and match any combination of compatible tube types and brands – Monitors performance of each power tube continuously and displays defective tubes to allow for easy and individual replacement

·       Post-phase splitter Master control with true bypass for authentic performance

·       Original %&&&%60s tone control section with Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence

·       FX Loop with dedicated Level switch and true Bypass function

·       Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet

·       Designed and engineered in Germany